Zephyr Gaming Mouse Brings RGB Air Cooling For the First Time

Gamers often complained about sweaty palms but seems like not anymore. The air cooled mouse by Mindshunter is perfectly designed for hardcore gamers. It has a fan inside that doesn’t let your palm sweat. The fan is placed at a 45° angle with 10000RPM being the maximum. The fan speed can be set at three different speeds (4000RPM, 7000RPM, and 10000RPM).The deal gets more attractive as not only the mouse but the fan also has RGB lights.

zephyr m1
Talking of other features, it has a Zephyr coat that helps to protect the mouse body from grease, stains, sweat, and fingerprints. The Pixart 3389 sensor housed inside allows a maximum of 16000 DPI. The sensor has a 400IPS rating across the range of 100-16000 DPI.

The DPI can be changed by an increment of 100. Its switches are provided by Omron with the capacity to last 50 million clicks. The RGB brightness level on the mouse chassis can also be adjusted as per your preference. All the aforementioned features make this mouse sound heavy but it only weighs 2.40 ounces (68g). The mouse with its efficient design and 50% preorder discount makes it better than the Glorious Model O Minus for the price tag of $79. Originally it is priced at $160.

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The discount can be availed by signing up on the Mindshunters’ website. The mouse is an absolute blessing for those who play and sweat excessively It stands out of the crowd due to the installed fan and is a bang for your buck as compared to other options available in the $160 price tag.

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Let’s hope the company also includes software that not only allows you to set custom fan speeds but also set the custom RGB lighting. Proper software will extract all the sales potential this awesome product has to offer. Fingers are crossed to witness how much this product is appreciated among the gaming fraternity.