AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 39X5 WX lineup details revealed in new leak

AMD leaks have been heavy of late, and the latest one has an entire lineup worth of details. We know that AMD is preparing to launch a Threadripper 39X5 PRO lineup. A new leak has now revealed the full details of this lineup. Read on!

The Threadripper 3995WX has leaked quite a bit of late. The chipset will sport 64 cores with support for up to 2 TB of ECC memory in 8 channels. The PRO version of this chip will support a total of 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes in contrast to the base chip’s 64. Now, the full leaked lineup shows the details of the rest of the Threadripper 39X5, with the four SKU names:

64-core 3995WX
32-core 3975WX
16-core 3955WX
12-core 3945WX

The leaked graphic shows the details of these 4 SKUs. Check it out:

AMD Threadripper 39X5 lineup

Reports say that the Threadripper PRO is set to be announced on July 14th. This new range of performance  chipsets is expected to ramp up the competition in the space.

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