Microsoft Flight Simulator PC release scheduled for August 18, will have three versions

Microsoft is bringing back one of its popular games, Microsoft Flight Simulator, in 2020. We have been hearing about it for a while now. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 recently got a beta release date, and now we have a confirmed release date for the PC version. Read on!

We had recently reported about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 entering closed beta on July 30th. Now, Microsoft has announced that it will release the PC version of the game on August 18th. It will have three versions. The Standard Edition will be available through the Xbox Game Pass. It will cost $60 outside of the subscription, and come with 20 planes and 30 detailed airports.

The second edition is the Deluxe Edition, which will cost $90 and have 25 planes and 35 detailed airports. There will also be a Premium Deluxe Edition that will cost $120 and come with 30 planes and 40 detailed airports. Microsoft has also promised DLCs scheduled for the future.

Microsoft will release the Xbox version later, possibly alongside the Xbox Series X. Preorders for the PC version are now open, here.

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Via Guru3D

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