Windows PCs Will Have to Switch Over to ARM CPUs Eventually Says Former Mac Chief

Amidst Apple’s decision to switch from Intel processors to A-series silicon chips, Apples’ former Mac chief Jean Louis Gassée claims that Microsoft will have to adapt or be left behind.

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To support his claim, he discussed the Geekbench results of the A12Z Bionic chip in the Mac mini (explicitly made for developers). Results show that they will have lower Thermal Design Power. There is no official value out there, but an estimate suggests it to be at 18W.

According to him, other competitors like Asus, Dell, Hp, etc., will have to shift sooner or later to stay in the market. The main advantage of choosing Apple Silicon chips is that they provide increased performance and better battery life (a dream for every laptop user).

The Apple translation layer Rosetta 2 was the cause of the A12Z bionic chip failing to provide the expected performance on the 2020 Mac Mini. It is likely that Apple will resolve all the minor problems to extract the best performance from their chips and satisfy their customers along with an increase in the demand for their chips before they start the production of their 14 inch MacBook Pro based on ARM processor in Q4 of 2020.

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The former Mac chief also stated that companies that do not want ARM-based processors would have to optimize Apps for compatibility.

Although Ryzen processors might be able to compete with Apples’ but we cannot conclude until the production starts for the MacBook Pro. Besides all this, his statements indicate some spectacular performance from the Apple chips, and according to his forward-looking statement, most of the companies will have to switch sooner or later.

Via Wccftech