Antec launches Striker Phantom Gaming Edition Case

Antec is a major player in the PC cooling and cabinet space, and they regularly expand their already very diverse range of products. Today, the brand announced the Antec Striker Phantom Gaming Edition PC cabinet.

This cabinet is the result of a partnership between Antec and ASRock. ASRock owns the Phantom Gaming brand and Antec is leveraging it with this version of its Striker cabinet. It’s designed to match the currently available Phantom Gaming PC parts. The Phantom Gaming logo and styling is prominently featured on this cabinet.

Striker has a ton of room for custom water-cooling. It’s an ITX case measuring at 420 mm x 230 mm x 410 mm. There is a front GPU mount, and the front panel consists of a Type-C 3.1, 2x USB 3.0 ports, Audio, and power button.

Antec Striker Phantom Gaming Edition

The cabinet also gets 4 mm tempered glass panels, that go great with its open-frame design. There is room to install 2 120 mm fans, and one 240 mm radiator, too. You even get a PCIe riser cable in the mix, so GPU installation should be a breeze.

This case is built for enthusiasts. So if you have been looking for a cabinet that can handle custom water-cooling, you might want to have the Antec Striker Phantom Gaming Edition on your shortlist.

Via TechPowerUp

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