The DualSense PS5 controller looks Bulky in this ‘leaked’ image

To maintain the hype of the upcoming PS5, its new dual sense controllers were revealed in April 2020. The controller looked awesome but the picture failed to give a clear idea of its dimension (length, weight, etc.). The controller was placed in a blue and white background.

The controller looked quite futuristic and appealing until the leaked image gave a true idea of its dimensions. The leaked image showed someone holding it and proved that it’s enormous. The leaks were available on ResetEra forums.

As per the image, the controller looks original. This is confirmed by the fact that the lighting on the thumb (right side) of the controller is difficult to fake. Although there are slight chances that someone 3d printed a counterfeit DualSense controller but no one would go through the hassle, just to embezzle the gaming fanatics by a leak.

Considering that the image is real, for sure that there is quite a size difference between the DualSense and DualShock4. The bulk could be due to the angle from which the picture is taken but despite this, it looks quite huge in the man’s hand.

Only the time will tell if PlayStation fans appreciate the leaked controller or they would want the design similar to the older controllers. What are your opinions regarding the size of the DualSense controller? Do you prefer a compact controller or a huge one? I prefer a compact controller but considering the features like haptic feedback, the large size is justified.