In Win Aurora RGB Fans Review

The Lights & Software
If you want to be able to control the colors and different lighting effects of the fans and light strips you’ll need to download the software from the In Win website. Once you have the software installed and open it you’ll notice it is pretty basic.

inwin app

On the left side are the controls for the fans when it comes to speed. You can turn the speed up or down, and there is a turbo mode, which puts them at 100%. On the right side you have the lighting controls. You can adjust brightness and the speed of the current effect. There are a total of 7 different brightness levels. At the bottom there is a large power switch that will turn the lights off, and at the top you have a mode switch, which will cycle through the different effects and available colors. This is the software in its entirety, you don’t have the option to actually select a specific color, which is a little disappointing. The available colors you have (by cycling through modes with the +/- signs are only white, blue, red, and green.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans

Besides just the plain colors you have a breathing mode, a color cycle mode which will cycle colors down the lights and across the light strips, a few different specturm modes that will apply a spectrum effect across the fans and light strips, a neat mode that illuminates only one LED on the fans down the fans with the rest of the lights off, and then the same effect again but with all the lights on in a different color. Here are some shots of the fans with the effects running through.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans In Win Aurora RGB Fans

So talking about the fans themselves, each fan has four RGB LEDs mounted in the frame. This illuminates the fan blades, but these fans are definitely not the brightest we’ve seen and you also get those four distinct light traces coming from the fans, which you can see in all of our photos.

In Win Aurora RGB Fans

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