Reeven KIRAN RGB Fans Review


We installed the three KIRAN fans in the In Win 303, which really shows them off. The included self-threading screws were very easy to use, and worked very well with the plastic frame of the KIRAN. We have encountered other plastic materials used on fan frames that end up cracking, but the KIRAN’s plastic showed no signs of stress. The noise from the KIRAN fans was very low, and event at full speed the fans were very quiet compared to many other fans we have looked at over the years.

Using the button to control the color of the LEDs, we were able to cycle through not only the seven static colors, but the three additional lighting modes; cycling, fade, and off.

Final Thoughts

The KIRAN is Reeven’s first foray into RGB fans, and for the most part, we think they have done a good job. The build quality of the fans themselves is pretty solid, though we do think the semi-transparent portion of the frame is a bit flimsy. We don’t think this will be too big of a concern once the fan is installed, as the remainder of the fan’s frame will provide most of the support anyways. Helping to keep the frame in place are rubber pads at each corner, a welcome feature for sure. Nobody wants a loud fan, whether its from the fan blades themselves, or from the frame vibrating against the case. Thankfully the included rubber pads will help eliminate any noise from vibrations.

The seven static colors and three lighting modes found on the KIRAN will probably be enough to satisfy a large portion of potential buyers, but we would have loved to see more color options. Being able to change up the color or lighting mode of the KIRAN with the touch of a button is a nice feature, but we wish the button was attached to a longer cord that would allow for more mounting options compared to the short cable that Reeven chose to use.

Reeven has presented a very solid entry-level RGB fan option at a very reasonable price of $16.99 over at Newegg. There are quite a few options on this fan that are also found on more advanced fans, and we think the KIRAN is definitely worth checking out. We give the Reeven KIRAN a solid 8 out of 10.

– Quiet Operation
– Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads
– Braided Cabling
– Included PWM Splitter

– Short Cable For Control Button
– Only Seven Colors