Corsair H115i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler Review

We recently took a look at the Editor’s Choice award winning H150i PRO from Corsair. The cooler surprised us with improvements on all sides, from performance to aesthetics, it moved Corsair to the next level in all-in-one watercooling systems. While that cooler is certainly the flagship of the line there were revisions to the previous top dog, the H115i, as well. This 280mm radiator equipped unit features all the same catch phrases as it’s new big brother minus some radiator surface area. Follow along as we find out what this versions updates do to improve the already good H115i!

Special thanks to Corsair for providing the H115i PRO for review!

Technical Specifications
Coldplate material: Copper
Tubing material: Low permeation with black sleeving
Radiator material: Aluminum
Radiator dimensions: 315mm x 143mm x 29mm
Fans included: 2x ML Series 140mm PWM Fans
Fan max speed: 1200 RPM
Fan airflow: 55.4 CFM
Fan static pressure: 1.27 mm-H2O
Fan noise level: 20.4 dB(A)

The H115i PRO hits the ground running with some aesthetic changes to the packaging. While sticking with the matte color scheme complete with yellow trim around the edges of the box, the PRO has of course been upgraded to RGB to bring the line up to modern times. This change is echoed in the background of the main photo front and center on the box. It adds a nice flourish to otherwise very Corsair like aesthetics.

Corsair H115i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler Corsair H115i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler

Flipping to the back of the box you will find a listing with the four main features on the left side, a technical drawing near the center, and the technical specifications on the right. You’ll find everything is repeated in six different languages. Give the box another rotation and you will come across a full side addressing Corsair Link, the software Corsair uses to customize and monitor components. One last flip in the same direction and you find the compatibility guide as well as a components list.

H115iPRO 3 H115iPRO 4 H115iPRO 5

Finally we have the box ends on which you will find a similar graphic to the one on the front of the box with a large photo of the cooler. On the other the main four features are displayed over another photo of the H115i PRO.

H115iPRO 6 H115iPRO 7

Flipping open the box top we find all the components enclosed in a cardboard carton. There is also a thin sheet of foam that lays on top of the components to offer additional protection. All parts and accessories are enclosed in plastic and everything appears to be in good shape after shipping.

Corsair H115i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler