Corsair H115i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Like the H150i PRO, the H115i is a very pleasant refresh of an already decent cooler. Not only is it the smallest pump housing that we’ve ever reviewed here at ThinkComputers, but it really performs quite well too. It can’t be said enough how nice the new housing is. It’s super compact, stylish, intelligently designed, oh and it has RGB’s as well! It was really the last piece of the aesthetic puzzle that Corsair’s AiO line needed. The squared matte black radiator and luxuriously sleeved tubing have been waiting patiently for this svelte pump upgrade. While we aren’t exactly in love with the diffuse and somewhat dim RGB lighting on the pump it’s a happy addition and would look really nice accompanied by some RGB fans. As for performance both thermally and auditorily the H115i PRO doesn’t disappoint. Thermally it’s right where we expected it to be, right on level with similar AiOs like the Kraken X62. Operating on a less noise is better plan, limits the max thermal performance but certainly wows on the dBA scale. Even with the fans running it’s not going to be the loudest component in your rig. Value is a big question, the H115i PRO comes in at $139.99 from the major online retailers. This lands it $30 less than the bigger H150i PRO and about $15 less than the X62. We feel this is about perfect all aspects considered.

Nitpicking the H115i PRO we have just one minor complaint and it’s the same one we had with the H150i PRO. With all the power cables coming out from between the inlet and outlet ports it actually restricts the amount of rotation you can get from those fittings. It would have been nice to rotate those down all the way for a cleaner look.

Overall ThinkComputers would like to award the H115i PRO with a 9 out of 10 score!

rating8 10

– Fit and Finish
– Ease of installation
– Aesthetics
– Decent Thermal Performance
– Exceptionally Quiet Operation

– Low adjustability on the swivel fittings