Corsair H150i Pro Liquid CPU Cooler Review

It’s rather impressive that the company that basically introduced the all in one liquid cooler to us has also reinvented their product so many times and in so many ways since 2008. These days AiOs are standard and that standard has risen dramatically; especially over the past year. While performance will always be king, like it or not in the world of RGB everything, looks or rather the lack there of can kill. Checking a whole host of new boxes for the company, Corsair is introducing to the world the H150i PRO. This svelte new hydraulic system boasts a first ever for Corsair 360mm radiator as well as a new pump design equipped with of course, RGB LEDs. Follow along as we find out first hand whether this latest iteration is the future or a brief flash from the past.

Special Thanks to Corsair for providing the H150i PRO for review!

– Dynamic Multicolor RGB Lighting: Vibrant RGB LED pump head produces vivid lighting effects to match your build.
– Powered by Magnetic Levitation: Three low-noise 120mm ML Series magnetic levitation PWM fans deliver improved airflow and produce just 25 dBA of noise at full speed.
– Powerful Software: CORSAIR LINK software allows you to adjust RGB lighting, monitor CPU and coolant temperatures, individual fan speeds and more.
– Zero RPM Mode: Zero PRM cooling profiles allow fans to stop entirely at low temperatures, eliminating fan noise.
– Quiet start: When turning on your system, the ML fans will start at the lowest rpm possible based on coolant temperature for a whisper quiet start-up experience.
– Precise Pump Control: Advanced pump speed control options to maximize performance or minimize noise.
– Easy to Install: Modular, tool-free mounting bracket for quick and painless installation on most major CPU sockets.

Tech Specs
– Coldplate Material Copper
– Tubing Material Low permeation with black sleeving
– Radiator Material Aluminum
– Radiator Size 396mm x 120mm x 27mm
– Fan(s) included 3x ML Series 120mm PWM Fans
– Fan Max Speed 1600 RPM
– Fan Airflow 47.3 CFM
– Fan Static Pressure 1.78 mm-H2O
– Fan Noise Level 25 dB(A)
– MSRP $169.99

The H150i PRO shows up in a long rectangular cardboard box wrapped in heat shrink cellophane. It’s color scheme is an external representation of what we should find inside. Bright and colorful covering the full range of RGB set on a matte black background the packaging really does stand out. On the front of the box we find a large photo of the cooler set in front of a couple of swaths of transitioning color. In the lower right hand corner you’ll find the product name as well as a one line description. Opposite on the lower left we find a listing of the four main features and small photos of the pump showing the 7 different color modes. We also see that this cooler comes with a 5 year Corsair Guarantee, very nice.

Corsair H150i Pro Corsair H150i Pro

Flipping to the back those four main features listed on the front are repeated in more detail on the left side. On the right you get a technical diagram of the radiator with fans over a graph depicting the claimed sound output. Finally on the far right you will find the technical specs in six different languages. Give the box another 90° turn and you’ll come across the socket compatibility listing which covers 1366 to 2066; AM2 to AM4. Additionally this side of the box lists what is included in the box. Both lists are repeated in six languages.

Corsair H150i Pro Corsair H150i Pro

The last long side has a statement about Corsair Link in six languages. The ends are recaps of info and photos found on the other four sides.

Corsair H150i Pro Corsair H150i Pro Corsair H150i Pro

Flipping open the top of the box we find a thin foam sheet protecting the tops of the components held within the molded cardboard casing. Everything within is either in a plastic bag or cardboard sleeve for protection. As usual for Corsair, all items seem to be in excellent shape after shipping around the world.

Corsair H150i Pro Corsair H150i Pro

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