Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Corsair ML120 PRO LED Fans

Corsair ML120 PRO LED Fans Review

Of all the PC parts that we research and drool over, YouYube, pre-order, and add to cart, there is one that is almost always left of the list. Not only do they not get much attention from most builders, they are often forgotten until the very end. And it’s a complete shame really because a hasty or monetary based decision can often lead to a less than desireable finished product. So what is this red headed stepchild of the PC? Fans of course! Personally I love fans. They are one of the first things that I consider when working on a new build. The reason as I said, is that your fan choice can seriously make or break your rig. Budget fans are often noisy, gaudy, and will generally fail early or arrive non-functional altogether. Fortunately our beloved parts manufacturers have your back and there is a whole load of options to choose from. Today we’ll be taking a look at a brand new offering from one of the strongest companies in the market, the ML120 PRO LED by Corsair. Follow along as we try out a set of six of these new air pushers to see if they are worthy of more of your attention or just another boring plastic square to pass over.

Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series
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Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series Detailed

Recently one of the Japanese PC cooling experts “Scythe’’ revealed a brand new high performance PC fan series known as the Grand flex. the company got on track with its 28mm-thick 120mm variants, out of which four are the fixed-speed variants that include; Grand Flex 800 RPM ( SM1225GF12SL), 1200RPM ( SM1225GF12L), 1600RPM( SM1225GF12M), and 2000 RPM(SM1225GF12H). All these four variants have the 3-pin connectors. Scythe also revealed another model called the Grand Flex PWM (SM1225GF12SH-P) which spins at a speed of 600-2500 RPM and includes the 4-pin PWM fan control.

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Noctua Introduces the NF-S12A 120mm Fan

Noctua today presented the new, third generation of its signature S12 series quiet case fans, which have received more than 250 awards and recommendations from the international press. Featuring a further refined blade design with Anti-Stall Knobs that works in tandem with the new AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame, the NF-S12A improves the airflow/noise efficiency of its renowned predecessor by up to 8%.

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