Lepa Brings High Performance Air Cooler Line to CES 2014

Taking a cue from their friends at Enermax Lepa is releaing a new line of CPU coolers the LPALV12 series. These single tower coolers are going to be available in multiple colors and pack a laundry list of features that ensure high performance.


While these coolers are certainly sure to impress on the performance front we feel that their real strength will lie in their ability to match many build themes. Lepa has painted the towers fully with what they call Super Nano Thermal Conductive coating (SNTC). As you may conclude from the name this coating is intended to be super thermally conductive and not impair performance. We were shown a set of five different colors which include: black, white, green, red, and blue. The finished color is nice and rich like only paint can look.

On the performance side they are built with with a unique “U-shape” fin structure to enhance their ability to pass heat. This cooler is a direct contact heat pipe design or as Lepa has patented it, Heat Pipe Direct Touch. The tower is cooled by a single 120mm fan. These coolers will be fully compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets.

Look for them at your favorite retailer in February of 2014 for $44.99.


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