Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series Detailed

Recently one of the Japanese PC cooling experts “Scythe’’ revealed a brand new high performance PC fan series known as the Grand flex. the company got on track with its 28mm-thick 120mm variants, out of which four are the fixed-speed variants that include; Grand Flex 800 RPM ( SM1225GF12SL), 1200RPM ( SM1225GF12L), 1600RPM( SM1225GF12M), and 2000 RPM(SM1225GF12H). All these four variants have the 3-pin connectors. Scythe also revealed another model called the Grand Flex PWM (SM1225GF12SH-P) which spins at a speed of 600-2500 RPM and includes the 4-pin PWM fan control.

Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series

The Grand Flex series consists of a unique new impeller design that keeps the air flow maximum at a given speed which does not only result in good air flow but also works on its sound reduction. The 800RPM variant pushes 30.5 CFM at 18 dBA noise input, the 1200 RPM does 45.8 CFM at 23.5 dBA, 1600 RPM does 61.1 CFM at 28.5dBA and the 2000 RPM variant thrusts 76.6 CFM at 34.5 dBA.

Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series

Talking about the Grand Flex PWM, it pushes 24.2 to 98.6 CFM with a noise input varying between 13.5 to 39.5 dBA. The head of the fan comprises of a fluid-dynamic bearing which has a lubricant that can survive temperature as high as 250°C. Basically this ‘Fluid-dynamic bearing” technology from SONY Corporation works as a dramatic reduction in fan noise, also extending the life of fan.

Scythe Grand Flex 120mm Fan Series

No word has been given about the pricing; however Scythe plans to start the shipment of these fans by July 3.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara | News Archive

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