HP Intro’s Slate 21 Android All in One Desktop

It seems like the big tablet / AIO market has become one of the main interests of many PC and device makers. We can well agree with the fact when Samsung announced it ATIV Q tablet which is a 13 inch convertible slate running both Windows 8 and Android 4.2 and now it looks like that HP is has the same plan cooking in its mind. Yes! It’s true; HP is planning to move on with its own line of devices with another major desktop AIO.

HP Slate 21

HP Slate 21 AIO is the latest slate designed tablet offered by HP. It is a 21.5 inch AIO that is slim enough to fold down into a slate if required. It’s hard to imagine carrying a 21 inch tablet around unless there is a dire need for it, but with this HP Slate 21 AIO you can make that possible due to its sleek design.

There are aren’t much details revealed regarding the internals of the tablet, but we know for sure that it has touch screen with full HD IPS affair and will run on a quad core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor with Android 4.2. It will include an internal storage of 8GB with Digital Surround System sound. Also it will pack a HP True Vision HD webcam, WiFi Direct and Bluetooth 3.0. Besides this, a plenty of support for external storage with three USB 3.0 ports is also available.

HP Slate 21

An added advantage is that the device can be used with a mouse and keyboard like a typical AiO, and can also be used as a touch device, either laid down flat or mounted on a wall. It supports up to 5 user profiles, thus providing families multiple ways of interacting with it.

The device will cost $399 and should be launch in US by September.

Source: The Next Bench | News Archive

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