Radeon HD 7970 still the King of $299-$349 Price Segment

We have viewed on the internet AMD talking about the various trends of the graphic industry, focusing on the current as well as the trend-to-be in the third quarter of this year. If you remember, it has been more than a year that AMD released their Radeon HD 7000 graphics card which comprises of their flagship model Radeon HD 7970. Here AMD declares that their state-of-the-art card is ready for next generation gaming giving a powerful developer support, enhanced driver performance and a game bundle that remains unrivaled.


The Radeon HD 7970 was introduced on January 9th with a price tag of US $549. ever since then AMD had been striving hard to release new catalyst drivers to further increase the performance in the newest gaming titles, also working on the prices of these cards so they stand in a good competition with NVIDIA’s GPUs.


Besides this we have also come across new versions of the GPU which comprises of the GHz edition variant starting from the price of $369 and the Boost edition HD 7970 (starting from $399).
Gamers have confessed that game bundles strongly manipulate their purchasing decision and considering that AMD has offered a strong bundle called the ‘never settle’ which offers the best value to their gamers with the HD 7000 series graphic cards and up to US $185 with the HD 7970 series card (one of the reasons of still considering it to be the king).


Source: WCCFTech | News Archive