Antec Announces VP F Series Power Supplies

Antec which is known as a global leader when it comes to high-performance computer components and accessories for gaming, today released a new power supply for the European market called VP550F. This power supply series from Antec is aimed for the users with budget restrictions. This entry-level solution is built on a durable and efficient platform.

VP550F is 80 plus certified with up to 87% maximum efficiency made for quality performance and incredible value of money. It gives you everything you desire for a good power supply. No typical sparkling lights or glittery paint jobs, packing in a 120mm whisper-quiet fan for effective and quiet cooling and also dual +12V bars for amazingly steady power and heavy duty capacitors.

Antec VP F Series Power Supplies

It also gives us the assurance of Antec’s AQ2 Antec quality 2 year limited warranty. Although we expect it to not only be popular among the end users but also integrators who need the trustworthiness of series cutting down on their after sales and support costs.

The 230V input VP P series is actually known for the same kind of cost that is within your means and is one of the lowest RMA rates in the industry, VP F can propose to its customers.

Source: TechPowerUp | News Archive