Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Available for Download Now

During the latest BUILD event Microsoft announced that anyone will be able to download the public preview for Windows 8.1 right away. It looks like Microsoft has made the preview for Windows 8.1 available to the public so here is how you can download it and get it running on your machine.

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Available for Download

While most people should already know this, you will need to be running Windows 8 already for the preview to work. So do not try and install the preview if your system does not first meet that requirement.

The get your hands on the preview just visit this link right here and click “get it now” to begin downloading. The upgrade happens through the Windows store on Windows 8 so after a quick reboot this download should activate it. For those wondering the update is about 2GB.

There have been reports of some bugs, but that is expected as this is just the preview. Download at your own risk!

Source: Microsoft | News Archive

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