Gioteck Launches Autumn 2013 Gaming Products

Gioteck have launched their latest range of the autumn 2013 products. Experiencing a phenomenal success in the year 2012 in which the company maximized their sales by more than 35 % when there was a global decline in the market is now all geared up to launch their gaming accessories. These include, new range of headsets, controllers, wireless adapters, portable speakers and batteries, gaming chairs and joysticks for the gamers around the globe.

Gioteck’s team which is based in UK have worked on new peripherals for Play station, Xbox, PC, mobile and tablet, offering gamers with reasonably priced products. Not only this, taking a leap ahead, they have also started working on the concept design of the next generation gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox One which are expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

Among their targets, GBB will be launching over 30 new SKUs in this year out of which a lot were on display at E3 2013. We do anticipate more from them throughout the year.

Let us tell you what Gioteck has got for you in the basket . It includes EX-01 and EX-03 Bluetooth headsets, controller solutions for tablet and headsets for gaming lovers. For the curious, Gioteck will also enter the market of gaming chair sector this time with the launch of very stylish gaming chairs varying from the entry-level to the premium end of the market. Each product possesses a stamp of Gioteck logo and shall be reasonably priced to offer the best value for money.

Among the headsets, we have:
EX-07 ‘Kranium’: Priced at SRP £129.99/ $TBC. Compatible with Playstation, Xbox, PC, mobile and tablet.


EX-06: Wired (SRP £29.99-£34.99/ $44.99) compatible with mobile and tablet (w/ 35mm jack connection).
Wireless: (SRP £59.99/ $99.99) compatible with Play station, Xbox, PC , mobile and tablet.


Among gaming chairs Gioteck has :
RC-5 (SRP £149.99/ $249.99) compatible with Play station, Xbox, pc)


RC-1 (SRP£49.99-£59.90/ $99.99) compatible with Play station, Xbox and PC.


In Joysticks they are offering the users with RK-1 (£TBC/$49.99(PS3)/ $79.99(mobile/tablet).


With the brief idea of the products, it seems Gioteck has something really interesting gadgets to offer to their consumers and we look forward to get our hands on them soon.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive