Overclocking CPU Frequency on H87 and B85 Motherboards Made Possible with ASRock’s Non-Z OC

There was a rumor in the air that only K-series CPUs and Z-family platform are capable of being over-clocked. The avant-garde company ASRock has broken the restraint with a thrilling new feature called the Non-Z OC. With the help of this feature, overclockers can install their K-series CPUs to ASRocks Fatal 1ty H87 performance or H87 and B85 chipsets motherboards and start off with the over-clocking immediately.


Fatal 1ty H87 Performance is considered to be the first ASRock motherboard that executes the Non-Z OC feature. It is also known as the H87 motherboard with the most power phases in the market at the moment. With its magnificent 8 power phase design, the CPU frequency can be over-clocked up to 26% with ease. Just to bring in to your knowledge of how it can be accessed. Well here is an easy way, simply update the latest version of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface); there you shall find the Non-Z OC feature lying in the OC Tweaker page. From here, you just need to select a frequency from a couple of preset settings, restart and there you go!


Not forgetting the promise, ASrock once again gives you the value for your money. So we know that over-clocking can be made affordable, enjoyable and absolutely effortless with the Non-Z OC.

Source: ASRock | News Archive