Friday, July 20, 2018

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Intel Actively Blocking Haswell Non-Z OC For K-Series Processors on H87/B85 Motherboards

Intel does not seem to happy about motherboard manufactures finding a way around their restriction and is said to be releasing a firmware update for their H87/B85 motherboard chipsets. This firmware update would actively block the Non-Z OC feature from various manufacturers.

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Overclocking CPU Frequency on H87 and B85 Motherboards Made Possible with ASRock’s Non-Z OC

There was a rumor in the air that only K-series CPUs and Z-family platform are capable of being over-clocked. The avant-garde company ASRock has broken the restraint with a thrilling new feature called the Non-Z OC. With the help of this feature, overclockers can install their K-series CPUs to ASRocks Fatal 1ty H87 performance or H87 and B85 chipsets motherboards and start off with the over-clocking immediately.

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