Intel’s New CEO Interested in Company’s Efforts in Mobile and TV

Intel will now be headed by a new CEO who aims to make new strategic plans for the company. Brian Krzanich, who took over as a chief executive in May, believes that Intel has a great user interface and the fact that its compression-decompression technology is outstanding. He mentioned during an interview with Reuters at Intel headquarters that he is thinking about to accelerate the roll-out of chips for smart phones, tablets and wearable devices as consumers take a leap away from personal computers.


It is becoming quite obvious that Intel’s most hot selling product i.e. it’s desktop CPU is becoming a bit less in demand. Besides the desktops, we have seen that even notebooks demands are withering out because tablets and mobile devices are taken a lead over them and are going much more successful. Here it is very important for Intel to catch the pace of the game that is being played by Qualcomm and NVIDIA. Otherwise we are afraid that it might lose the spark in the upcoming wave of computing.


The CEO also mentioned in the interview that the users will experience silicon in their stuff either by the end of the year or in the beginning of next year. Intel will try to create some itself, understand its usage and create a bionetwork. Continuing his speech Brian also highlighted that atom now lies at the same importance, launching on the same edge technology, sometimes even coming before Core (Intel’s line of PC chips). More roadmaps are being looked upon and timings are also being estimated to evaluate where the company is lacking and which stuff needs to be accelerated.

We know that Intel has talked about the mobiles before as well, but currently only a few have ever shipped with Intel inside , but since this time it’s a new leader and his fresh line up, the company’s eyes will be definitely on him to see whether he makes it good!

Source: Reuters | News Archive