Apple files for “iWatch” Trademark in Japan

We have been hearing Apple iWatch rumors for a while now and it seems like Apple will be going ahead with the iWatch project as they have filed for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan. With the popularity of mobile tech and success of other smart watches of course you would expect Apple to be working on some type of wearable device or at least entertain the idea.

Apple iWatch

Yahoo Japan uncovered the information that Apple applied for the “iWatch” trademark on the 3rd of June. This is not a huge surprise as Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed the companies interested in wearable computing devices at WWDC.

Apple iWatch Trademark

Of course this is just a filing of a trademark, not a launch of a product. Some companies file trademarks for products that never see the light of day so we will have to see what leaks come out from apple over the next couple of month.

Source: Yahoo Japan | News Archive

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