Xbox One’s Kinect Senser Won’t Plug Into PCs

Sometimes moves made by the Big names in the Tech industry get too complex that they get hard to comprehend. For instance, the decision reverted to bring Start button in Windows 8.1 but not the Start menu. Such steps limit the company being aggressive, and now news has been publicized that the second generation Kinect sensor (comes with Xbox One) isn’t going to plug into PCs, reason being it’s having a proprietary connector.


It was thought Microsoft is trying to mint money from adapters but it proved totally wrong when Ars Technica (Microsoft spokesperson) shared an email asserting that Kinect for Xbox One sensor isn’t going to connect computer through an adapter rather for the new generation Kinect for Windows sensor, USB 3 port will be utilized.

Therefore, if you thoroughly keyed up to get the next generation Kinect sensor with intentions to witness what can be done along with it in Windows, then hold down your horses till the time Microsoft introduces a Windows-specific model with appropriate connector i.e. USB 3.0. No doubt it isn’t a good news because the mode to work original kinect for Xbox 360 could be plugged up into a PC via an incorporated adapter and modded to work in windows, even though Microsoft is fundamentally pushing users for the purchase of Kinect with every Xbox One which comes standard with every $499 console, but sadly no adapter in the package.


Moreover, if you plan of buying both Xbox one and tinker in Windows with Kinect with the adapter, you will just end up buying two Kinect sensors (one that is with Xbox one and the other one specifically designed for Windows.

The system shall be ready for shipment by the end of this year.

Source: Maximum PC | News Archive