Lian Li Announces PC-Q30 Mini-ITX Curved Case

It’s officially announced that Lian LI will be shipping its unique curved PC Q30 mini-ITX to UK by the end of July 2013. Not letting our expectations go down, constructed from brushed aluminum, PC-Q30 is certainly attention-grabbing device. It has a curved front and contains an acrylic window providing a top-down view of the rear-mounted motherboards and components.

Lian Li PC-Q30 Mini-ITX Curved Case

One of the things that we found very attractive about this device from viewing its pictures is that none of them show the cables connected. We find a good reason behind i.e. to allow the motherboards to be mounted face-on to the window, the input/output panel and the case’s two expansion slots are located on the top rather than on the rear. To hide the cables, the curved front extends past the body.

Lian Li PC-Q30 Mini-ITX Curved Case

PC-Q30 fully supports graphic cards of up to 200mm in length while storage space is being taken care of by a room for four 2.5” hard drives or SSDs in a removable drive cage which is present at the bottom of the case but sadly there isn’t any room for 3.5 units. For users who still rely on optical drives will need to get an external USB-connected model making use of the 2x USB 3.0 IO panel supporting audio connectivity placed on the left hand side of the case.

Lian Li PC-Q30 Mini-ITX Curved Case

Ventilation and cooling system is handled by a 140mm fan present in the rear of the case with ventilation slots present on the top and side. Its power button is located right on the front supported with a LED to glow blue when it is switched on and red when it is in IO mode.

PC-Q30 will be priced at £93.30 without power supply. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Source: Lian Li | News Archive