Corsair HX1200i 1200W Power Supply Review

Installation & Testing
We will be installing the HX1200i in our brand new graphics card test rig. So this is not your ordinary install, but there were no issues getting the unit installed and the flat cabling is very easy to work with. Also since the unit is fully modular I only used the cables I needed, which led to much less cable mess.

Corsair HX1200i 1200W Power Supply

Our test system is comprised of the following components.

Processor: Intel Core i7-5960X
Motherboard: Gigabyte X99-UD4
Memory: 32GB Crucial DDR4
Graphics: MSI GTX 770 Gaming
Power: Corsair HX1200i
Cooling: Corsair H80i GT
Case: Lian Li PC-T80

If you decided to connect the included USB cable to your motherboard and the HX1200i then go ahead and download the Corsair Link software. The software is actually quite powerful and gives you quite a lot of information the components on your system. All Corsair link compatible products work with this one unified program so you can see our H80i GT stats as well.


By default the fan on the HX1200i will operate at Zero RPM mode and only turn on when the unit gets hot enough. Through Corsair Link you can switch this to a fixed RPM mode if you want.


If we click over to the Power tab in the software we can see all of the information on our power supply like its current efficiency, power in, power out, temperature, and the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V voltages. You can also switch between single rail and multi-rail mode.


Disclaimer: We do realize that our testing methods for power supplies are not up to the standards that we would like. Unfortunately we do not have the equipment to properly test power supplies the way that we would like. The tests below do give you a good idea of how the unit will perform, but we know they are not as accurate as we would like. All power supply manufactures are made aware of our testing methods before they send us a unit.

Multimeter Testing

Our first set of tests we will be using a Mastech MS8268 digital multimeter. Here we will measure the rails but at idle (Windows Desktop) and then at load (Heaven Benchmark looped). This will give you a good idea of power fluctuation during gaming sessions.


As you can see there is not much fluctuation at all. The Corsair Link software allows your to record voltages so doing the same Heaven Benchmark loop we recorded the voltages every 5 seconds.


Again not much fluctuation at all. The 12V rail stayed between 12.1-12.2v, the 5V rail between 5.0V-5.1V and the 3.3V rail did not move at all, very impressive.

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