Cougar Announces a Gaming Sofa?!

We’ve seen some pretty unique gaming chairs over the past few years, but Cougar’s new Ranger takes the cake. They are calling it a gaming sofa, but it is more like a recliner. This really is not designed for PC gaming, but rather console gamers or even mobile gamers.

cougar ranger 2

Cougar says the Ranger is ideal for gamers who do not require a desk. The frame is made of steel and the surface is breathable premium PVC leather. It has a diamond check pattern as well as head and lumbar support so it should be pretty comfortable to sit in. As we said this is more or less a recliner, so it has a free reclining function of 95 to 160° and the footrest moves with the reclining action, much like a typical recliner does.

cougar ranger 3 cougar ranger 4

The official dimensions of the Ranger are 740 x 980 x 1025 (mm) and it weighs in at 64.38 lbs. It can support weight up to 352.73 lb. It will come in four different trim options which include orange, blue, neon green, and pink. No word yet on pricing, but it will start shipping April 22nd.

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