Cougar Announces MX600 RGB Cases

Harnessing the winds, the MX600 RGB’s perfect storm of cooling features completely neutralizes the threat of overheating. Fully ventilated on all visible sides, this chassis channels omnidirectional air currents, minimizing running temperatures: the perforations are square instead of circular to ensure maximum airflow, the surface area of a square being greater than a circle with an equivalent diameter. To counteract the increased exposure to particles, the MX600 RGB is shielded against dust – the enemy of all PCs – with five strategically placed filters, extending the longevity of your components. Two integrated angular structures – one at the foot of the front panel and another to its side – guides airflow with finesse and precisely targets cooling at your GPU and CPU.

Cougar MX600 RGB Case

Moreover, the power unit cabin boasts a height of 110 mm, enhanced by a fully vented side cover that facilitates optimal air intake: this increased headroom allows for improved clearance and promotes efficient air circulation. The MX600 RGB is preinstalled with a 120 mm rear panel fan and 3x 140 mm PWM front panel fans. Equipped with a fan bracket on the power unit cabin for two fans, and the option to add three additional fans to the top panel, the MX600 RGB offers a maximum total capacity of nine fans. This impressive configuration maxes out cooling power, making being burned out of your game a thing of the past.

Cougar MX600 RGB Case

The MX600 RGB redefines the boundaries of compact gaming. Its sleek, compact profile understates its true superpower: a future-proofed full-tower capacity that effortlessly accommodates bleeding-edge 400 mm graphics cards, E-ATX motherboard and eight bridgeless expansion slots with just a mid-tower footprint. Flexibility and expandability are the hallmarks of the MX600 RGB. The possibility of either a horizontal OR vertical orientation of your GPU provides you with limitless build potential, with stability guaranteed by a GPU support bracket. (A Vertical GPU Kit is included, unlocking full functionality and convenience at no further cost.)

Cougar MX600 RGB Case

The design of the front fan bracket enables installation of the front fans or water cooling without removing the front panel, making setup convenient and efficient. A fully detachable top cover allows ample space to accommodate your system components: your choice of fans or a 360 mm water cooling system can be directly mounted on the top cover outside the chassis, securely fixed in place when the top cover is reattached. Furthermore, cable management is a breeze with the MX600 RGB’s integrated rails and discreet cover, providing clean, unobstructed visuals.

With the freedom to take your gaming to the limit, you don’t just weather the storm…you ARE the storm.

  • Where The Winds Meet: Say goodbye to hot rigs: the MX600 RGB is inoculated against escalating temperatures with full omnidirectional ventilation.
    • 11% increase in airflow area provided by square vs circular perforations in grid alignment.
    • 110 mm allowance for PSU compartment height with intake vents provides more airflow for your GPU.
    • 2 angled surfaces to the front and side direct airflow with precision, cooling your CPU and graphics card where it’s needed most.
  • Burn Notice: Don’t let overheating burn you out of the game: the MX600 cools your rig where it operates at its highest intensity.
    • 140 mm x 3 front PWM Panel Fans pre-installed, exceeding the norm for its price range.
    • 9 fan maximum capacity delivers exceptional, focused cooling power.
  • The Way of Water: The MX600 RGB supports dual top and front 360 mm water cooling options.
  • Open World: Its front fan bracket design streamlines setup by allowing installation of front fans or water cooling without removing the front panel. The fully detachable top cover offers abundant space for system components, and an easily removable PSU cabin cover lets you install or change without hassle. Fans or a 360 mm water cooling system can be directly mounted on the top cover, securely fixed when reattached.
  • Shields Up: Five strategically placed filters shield your precious components from being infiltrated by dust. The quick-slide front filter in particular can be accessed without removing the front panel, minimizing contact with airborne particles during maintenance. From the bottom to the top, from the sides to the front, the comprehensive filtration ensures your hardware remains pristine, reducing maintenance and prolonging the lifespan of your PC.
  • Under New Management: The premium cable management design features cable routing rails and seven Velcro straps for securing unruly cables. A discreet cover keeps everything out of sight for hassle-free organization and provides an immaculate view of the interior.
  • Days Of Future Past: Stay ahead of the gaming evolution with the capacity of a full tower in a sleek and compact profile. The MX600 RGB is fully compatible with modern bleeding-edge 400 mm GPUs, E-ATX motherboard and eight bridgeless expansion slots allowing for extensive customization while maintaining the smaller footprint of a mid tower.
  • More Build Options: The MX600 RGB’s support for both vertical and horizontal GPU orientation gives you even more build options, with a GPU support bracket guaranteeing stability. (A Vertical GPU Kit is included for full functionality and convenience at no extra cost.)
  • Light. Speed: The MX600 RGB features an integrated universal fan hub that enables seamless coordination of PWM fan speed and RGB lighting. This allows you to control the RGB lighting without the need for software, or synchronize it with motherboard software.

For more information, visit the product page.

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