Could 2019 Be The Year VR Revolutionises Computer Gaming?

It feels like every year is the year we’re going to see virtual reality hit the mainstream and revolutionise computer gaming. It was said last year, the year before and in fact every year since the Oculus Rift hit the market in 2019.

You do get the impression however this really could potentially be its year. It’s struggled to place itself within the mainstream so far, but Facebook have released another edition of the Rift, and it really could be a game changer.

The accessibility of VR is certainly helping with that, not just in hardware, but in the games and features being offered online.

We’re seeing it across a range of games and services, from augmented reality to casino gaming. And that’s only set to continue.

The casino market is one of the biggest and most lucrative online and as sites such as Ruby Bet Casino continue to grow more popular, it seems only natural they will begin to explore this technology further.

Major brands are beginning to get involved now, and that’s only going to help the market grow. Ikea have released an augmented reality app, and whatever the rest of the world does, gaming always looks to do better.

The release of Facebook’s new Oculus Rift and other brand’s progress shows that there is a commitment to virtual reality, and that will filter into a customer’s psyche. But will it revolutionise computer gaming this year?

It’ll certainly progress it. Devices and the games being offered online are maturing and the price of the devices themselves are dropping, which is integral to it taking off.

The arrival of the Oculus Quest is certainly going to help. For the first time, you don’t require a highly-powered PC, is cheaper than the original Rift and is generally a device that has been honed to suit a user perfectly, whether looking for the Las Vegas experience in an online casino, or fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic London.

The Quest is a device that can work independent of a PC and it’s believed by developers that this is the step that will help push it further into the mainstream, particularly after a recent dip in enthusiasm.

Reviews have been very positive by those who have tested it and it’s likely we’ll see a boost in the market to follow. HTC are also releasing the Vive Focus will also operate independently, although this will be more business focussed. Even so, the ability to operate standalone is another step forward, that is only going to increase VR’s customer base.

It’s building that base that is going to be huge in 2019. The new Oculus Quest will achieve this, and with more headsets to follow we’ll see improved software to accompany this.

By the end of 2019, it’s unlikely VR is going to be the must have accessory for computer gamers, but it could be the year in which is revolutionary for the market, building a solid foundation to transform computer game into an entirely immersive experience for generations to come.

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