Could We See a Summer Launch For NVIDIA’s Next-Generation GPUs

Gamers and enthusiasts have been waiting for NVIDIA’s next generation graphics cards. Well it looks like we might have a little bit of information on when NVIDIA will launch these graphics cards.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X

On the OverclockersUK forums an offical Gigabyte UK notebook rep, who goes by the name of Atom80 has confirmed that NVIDIA’s next generation mobile GPUs will launch toward the end of the year. When asked if there would be a GTX 1080 option for their Aero 15X V8-CF1 notebook, Atom80 stated that there are no plans to upgrade the AORUS notebook family until the next-generation GPUs are available.

uk forums

Since we typically see mobile variants launch a few months after desktop versions, it is likely that we are looking at a summer launch for desktop models. If this is true expect an announcement at Computex, which is under a month away!

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