Crash Anyone’s iPhone or Mac with this Link

If you want to crash anyone’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac you can with this simple link. When a user goes to this website it will crash their browser and likely will restart their device as well.


This new prank seems to be going viral on social media today and causes users browsers to crash and devices to restart. The website is and besides restarting or crashing the browser on your device it is pretty harmless. The website overloads the browser with a self-generating text string which constantly populates the address bar. After some 20 seconds, your iPhone will reboot, Safari will crash on your MacBook possibly requiring a reboot too, and significantly heats Android and other devices running Chrome.

If you want to know how this prank actually works the code of the site includes a piece of JavaScript that calls HTML5 History API over a thousand of times, in a loop.


This seems to be more of a prank than a security risk, so don’t expect any official response from Apple.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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