Innovation has been the hallmark of modern times. Every day new technological innovations are made to enhance the quality of life of human beings. It is not an understatement to say that technology has impacted us in an unfathomable way. It has left its imprint on all walks of human endeavour, and even areas such as window treatments and home decor are no exception. Under the impact of the technological revolution, window treatments are no longer just simple window coverings but are made to serve various purposes. They have turned from bulky assortments over windows to sleek and stylish window covers that can become the focal points of the room.

The selection of window treatments becomes a significant decision, especially during the summer months. With the soaring temperatures, every homeowner wants to select a window treatment that can help to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere in the home. The latest technological innovations in the field have helped window treatments deliver on the required front. Following are some of the innovative window treatments which use the latest technology to keep one’s summers cool:

1.       Eco-Friendly Blinds to Keep the Interiors Cool:

Going green and becoming eco friendly are the trending terms these days. It is so because a large number of people are realising the need for sustainable development. Eco-friendly window blinds are a product of this realisation. Eco-friendly blinds are made out of materials that have recycling potential and green certifications. Therefore, they help to reduce the carbon footprint and do not damage the environment. Mostly they are made out of natural materials like bamboo, reed, wood and jute. Because of the usage of natural material, they filter the excessive light and enable the owner to have the desired temperature inside the room. Moreover, they are known to provide sound insulation to the rooms and help keep the rooms cool during summers by not allowing the cooled air to escape out easily. Therefore, they go a long way in reducing the  carbon footprint of the entire country.

2.       Smart Blinds and Motorized Blinds to Maintain the Desired Room Temperature:

Motorized blinds give the option to the owner of controlling it either through a remote or through a phone app. Some of the superior models also allow the integration with smart assistants like Google Nest and Alexa. Moreover, smart motorized blinds in smart home help the owners maintain the required temperature inside the room, as the owner can now close all the house blinds either through a press of a button or a voice command. Consequently, the heat exchange through the window is considerably reduced, which helps maintain a uniform temperature inside the room. Further, these blinds can be programmed to open or close at a set time. So the owner can maintain a consistent temperature inside the room by programming the blinds to close during hot summer afternoons.

3.       Triple Shade Blinds for Creating a Cool Atmosphere in the Room:

In triple shade blinds, there are horizontal slats in between two sheers. The shades enable the owner to open the shades to have a partial view, closed to attain complete privacy and tilted to allow a limited amount of sunlight into the room. The additional middle layer reduces the heat transfer from the inside of the house to the outside. As a result, the cold treated air during summers remains trapped inside the room,maintaining the desired temperature.

4.       Smart Glass Windows to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in the Rooms:

Smart glass windows are based on Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology. It works on the principle of creating a special liquid crystal layer between two electrically conductive polymer coatings. When it is turned off, the glass remains frosted, but the glass becomes completely transparent when voltage is applied. In addition to providing complete privacy, the smart glass windows help to filter out sunlight completely. Therefore, they help in reducing the internal temperature because they restrict the heat transfer.

5.       Photochromic Dynamic Window Film to Maintain Uniform Room Temperature:

Photochromic Dynamic Film is a nascent technology that depends not on any other power source than direct sunlight. The entire process of intuitive darkening rests on carbon molecules that change their molecular structure when they come in contact with UV rays. Due to this exposure to the UV rays, the glass becomes dark. When covered with Photochromic Dynamic Film, the window panes will automatically turn dark during the hot summer afternoon. This, in turn, will block the sunlight from entering the room.

6.       Reflective Window Films to Keep the Interiors Cool:

The owner can cover the window with reflective window films to deflect sunlight. The highlight of using such films on windows is that they allow the light to enter the room but keep the heat away. Consequently, with less effort, the required temperature is attained within the room. Thus, in addition to providing privacy, these films also help reduce the owner’s electricity bills because s/he spend less on air conditioning.

7.       Motorized Shutters to Regulate the Temperature inside the Room:

Motorized shutters are an example of an innovation wedding tradition. Historically window shutters have provided sunlight protection and privacy, but with the motorized option now available, the owner is saved from all the physical labour of operating the shutters. The shutters of the house can now be operated with the help of a remote or a mobile application. The shutters can be integrated with a virtual assistant like Alexa and Siri, and all the owner has to do is give a voice command to completely block sunlight and get the desired temperature in the room.

Thus, it is apparent that technology has played a pivotal role in improving window treatments. With the latest technological innovations and the amalgamation of technology with tradition, the owners can use window treatments to have the desired temperatures and keep the rooms cool during summers.