Crucial Ballistix Sport XT DDR3-1866 16GB Memory Kit Review

Overclocking & Testing
Overclocking memory is very easy on the Haswell platform. All you have to do is change the memory frequency to what you want really. For this kit which has a default speed of 1866 MHz, I first bumped it up to 2133 MHz. The system would not boot so I bumped the voltage from the default 1.5v to 1.65v and loosened to timings up to 11-11-11-30. From 2133 MHz I moved up to 2200 MHz. This overclock was achieved with timings of 11-12-11-30. Unfortunaletly I was not able to get the system to go any higher than 2200 MHz. A 334 MHz overclock is not bad, but obviously we have seen better.

We will be testing Crucial Ballistix Sport XT memory at its rated 1866 MHz and at our two overclocks of 2133 MHz and 2200 MHz.

Our first test is the Cache & Memory benchmark that is built into AIDA64.


Next up is SiSoftware’s Sandra 2012 software. It has 3 memory benchmarks, Memory Bandwidth, Memory Latency, and Cache & Memory Latency.

sandra mem

sandra lat

sandra cache

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