Crucial T705 PCIe Gen5 SSDs To Offer up to 14.5 GB/s Read Speed And 4TB Capacity

Crucial is preparing to unveil its upcoming SSD lineup, succeeding the acclaimed T700 series known for its rapid PCIe Gen5 SSDs with a 12 GB/s read speed. The forthcoming T705 series, incorporating Micron’s B58R FortisFlash TLC NAND technology, is rumored to deliver even greater speed.

According to the details provided by Jisakuhibi, the T705 series is anticipated to offer random read IOPS between 1400K and 1550K, along with random write IOPS ranging from 1750K to 1800K. The 2TB variant boasts the highest speeds, featuring a sequential read speed of 14.5 GB/s and a write speed of 12.7 GB/s, while the 1TB version also exhibits impressive performance with 13.6 GB/s for read and 10.2 GB/s for write.

The T705 series offers a 4TB variant, a notable rarity among contemporary PCIe Gen5 SSDs, particularly upon release. This 4TB option is projected to provide impressive read and write speeds of 14.1 GB/s and 12.4 GB/s, respectively.

The T705 series is offered in two variations: one equipped with a heatsink and another without it. The heatsink model, devoid of a fan, is available in both black and white versions, with the white variant designated as the “Limited Edition.”

Although Crucial has not officially revealed the pricing and release date, it appears that the official website went live prematurely, inadvertently unveiling this new product. Additional details are expected to be disclosed shortly.

Source: momomo_us