Crytek Teases a Possible Remaster of Crysis

Crytek is once again teasing an unreleased Crysis game. What is interesting is that at the end of their latest CryEngine video is footage from the original Crysis. We are more than likely going to see a Crysis remake / remaster as EA has already confirmed that they are working on “exciting remasters of fan favorites”, and that these efforts included “two new unannounced EA Partners titles coming from third-party developers”.

With the next generation of consoles coming it seems like the perfect time to remaster Crysis. Crysis was always the game to push graphical boundaries and with a new hardware from both consoles and PCs it will give Crytek a chance to bring systems to their knees once again.

The video you see above highlights what has been achieved with CryEngine over the past decade, ending with the words “Never Stop Achieving”, followed by footage from Crysis.

What do you guys think? Would you be pumped for a Crysis remaster? Although will your system be able to run it?

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