DEATHLOOP: Why We Can’t Wait For Its Release

Deathloop is an upcoming action-adventure game published by Bethesda, the minds behind the Fallout series. The game itself is set in a time loop, and even though you think you would use this time loop to avoid something, the game goes in a completely different direction.

Considering it is one of the most exciting new games to be released this year, it is only right that you know what the game is all about, and why you should be excited for its release in September.  Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Deathloop as we discuss the game’s plot, gameplay, and more.


The plot of the game is fairly simple. Set on a Northern European Island called Blackreef, a secret society creates a time loop that everyone is stuck in. However, nobody has any memory of being in this time loop, and they continue to live their life as normal.

The character, Colt Vahn, is the only person who remembers everything about the loops, and if he wants to end the time loop and escape this seemingly never-ending torture, he must find the 8 members of the secret society and assassinate them.

deathloop 2
The game is similar to Hitman in some aspects. However, you don’t have access to an open world, instead, there are four different districts for you to explore. You can choose your equipment before heading in, and you can also choose which time of day you are in, all coming with their own advantages and disadvantages, as entering one district during the morning will be vastly different from exploring it at night in a different loop.

What sets Deathloop apart from most games is how you go about completing it. As mentioned already, you have to kill the eight members of the secret society who created the loop, but you only have one day to do it.

Since time resets with every loop, you have to kill all eight in one loop. This is where the puzzles and exploration which is the bulk of the game, come into play. You have to explore all four districts during each time period to solve puzzles and find clues.

You will then need to use this information to put together a plan that allows you to assassinate all eight members in one day, and since they will be spread across all four districts at different times, you are going to need much more than luck to reach your final goal.

The developers mentioned that you may find a way to get one of your targets to attend a certain party or go somewhere where another target will be present later on, therefore being able to kill two of them in one go. This type of puzzle-solving is what makes this game so unique.

How the Game Works

Your first thought will probably be that there is some kind of time limit involved, however, you would be wrong. The developers have made it clear that there is no rush in the game to kill your eight targets, you are meant to explore as much as you can, and ensure you have all the events in place to make your final goal possible.

Another plus that players will enjoy is the fact that information does not change or disappear. The example that has been used is if you need something out of a building that only opens in the day, but you are there at night, you should just go there in the day on your next loop, and what you need will still be there.

You can also lose all your stuff and abilities when you die, but there are ways for players to work around this as they progress. There is a resource called Residium that players can collect to ensure more than just information survives.

The developers have also made it clear that this isn’t a game that you can play in a “lazy” type of way. Dying really matters in this game, it resets the loop and can erase a lot of progress if you haven’t taken the right precautions, unlike other games where you get revived and lose a life, or get sent back to a checkpoint.

Deathloop puts a very unique spin on a concept that we have seen before. First-person shooters and time traveling isn’t something new in the gaming world, but combining them in such a unique way most definitely is.

The pressure to survive adds a level of intensity that we don’t often see, as the game sort of becomes a “one life only” type thing, even though in reality it isn’t.

The fact that it is also similar to Hitman will get many people interested as Agent 47 is a beloved character and so is the Hitman franchise. Deathloop is combining it with time travel, how could you not love that?

All we can do is wait for September to see if Deathloop can live up to the expectations. As of right now, it is looking like it could be a contender for the best game of the year.