Deepcool Captain 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Overall I have to say that what DeepCool has done here is make a product that is very unique and is pushing the boundaries of what an AiO looks like and can be. They are to be applauded for that. I also really liked some aspects of this AiO. The fans are fully rubber coated on the edges and operate nearly silently. The installation process is pretty simple as well. And of course the included fan splitter is always nice.

Unfortunately it seems that the negative side is going to be a bit stronger in this case. First and foremost the performance was sub par. Not only does it not stack up against other coolers in it’s size category, it just barely hangs with much smaller coolers. It’s entirely possible that the TIM being messed up and replaced might have something to do with it, but DeepCool definitely gave us the go ahead to test with a third party material. As far as fit and finish are concerned, you should never be able to snap a screw due to overspray of paint or perhaps poor machining. Finally for what you are getting from a less than established company (in the US) with no included software, the price of this unit at $149.99 is far too high.

Overall ThinkComputers would like to give the DeepCool Captain 240 a 5 out of 10 score.

rating5 10 small

– Unique design
– Simple installation
– Great fans
– Nice included fan splitter

– Poor performance
– Fit and finish is sub par
– Price is far too high