DeepCool Rolls Out a GPU Holder with RGBs and Power Routing

DeepCool has just announced the GH-01 will is essentially a graphics card holder or reinforcement stand that you would install inside your case. It is made to secure your graphics card and to minimize PCB bending over time. We’ve seen many different products like that, but what makes this one different is that is features RGB lighting as well as space to route your graphics card’s power cables.

deepcool hg 01 1 deepcool hg 01 2

The GH-01 has the ability to route up to two 8-pin PCI-Express power cables inside of it. There is an RGB strip that runs up the front of it, which will show out if you have a window in your system. The is a thumbscrew that allows you to move the support up and down to your graphics card’s specific height. The stand itself measures 52.6 mm x 60.6 mm x 163.73 mm (WxDxH) and can hold up to 5 kg.

deepcool hg 01 3 deepcool hg 01 5

DeepCool will be selling two different versions of the GH-01. One will use a standard 12v 4-pin RGB header, while the other will use the 5V 3-pin addressable RGB header. No word yet on pricing.

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