Dell Launches World’s First 23.8-inch Touch Monitor With RJ45 Connectivity

Dell introduces the Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor – P2424HT, a new 24-inch display. Despite its lengthy name, it fails to fully describe the extensive capabilities of the product. Noteworthy features include its convenient single-cable connectivity, 10-point multi-touch capability, and a versatile articulating stand for comfortable interaction. Notably, Dell proudly presents it as the “world’s first 23.8-inch touch monitor with RJ45 connectivity,” enhancing its role as a docking station with Ethernet pass-through functionality.

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Laptops, particularly those intended for home and multimedia use, have embraced touch screens. Nevertheless, desktop monitors with touch functionality remain relatively uncommon. This scarcity can be attributed to the fact that when using a desktop setup, people are typically engaged in work or gaming, where touch input offers minimal benefits. However, an exception could be creative professionals who prefer hands-on interaction with their projects. Nonetheless, extended touch usage on standard desktop monitors can lead to discomfort. Addressing this concern, Dell has enhanced the tactile allure of its P2424HT model by incorporating a sleek and flexible articulated stand.

The monitor measures 24 inches, or 23.8 inches as specified on Dell’s product pages. This size is relatively small in the context of 2023, where 27-inch and larger screens have become the norm. The display presents a fitting resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, although an elongated 16:10 aspect ratio might be preferable. Utilizing IPS technology, the monitor ensures favorable viewing angles. Nevertheless, its 60Hz refresh rate and 5 to 8ms response time appear quite ordinary when juxtaposed with the capabilities of gaming-oriented monitors.

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With a 99% sRGB coverage, the screen boasts a satisfactory color gamut range, and its contrast ratio aligns with typical expectations for IPS displays. Nevertheless, the maximum brightness of 300 nits might render the screen somewhat dim for well-lit environments. Fortunately, the inclusion of an anti-glare coating could provide some assistance in this regard.

The Dell P2424HT boasts its strengths in various aspects: the touch screen functionality, a highly adjustable and articulated stand, and the convenience of USB-C / Ethernet connectivity. It doesn’t fall short on ports either. Alongside the aforementioned USB-C and RJ-45 Ethernet, it includes standard monitor ports like HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 and an audio out. Additionally, there’s an additional USB 3.2 port and a USB-C port (15W) concealed beneath a side flap. This monitor incorporates a mono 3W speaker at the top for basic audio output.

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Dell has priced this monitor at $519.99 and it can be purchased directly from Dell.