Desktop vs Mobile Usage – What has changed in recent years?

Technology has changed our world forever. The rate of development is astronomical and is growing and changing dramatically each year. According to recent statistics, over 4.5 billion people around the world are connected and using the internet. Considering the current world population is almost 8 billion people, this means over half of the world are regularly logging on!

In a world before people seemed to be able to do everything they ever wanted on their mobiles with a flick of a thumb or a tap of a finger, desktop devices were the only way to access the internet.

Since 2013, mobile usage has increased by a massive 222%. Over the past two years mobile phone usage has plateaued, which is a sign that mobile usage is the norm as the majority of people around the world prefer the convenience of mobile over desktop.

To break this down slightly and to give a better overall picture, in 2013, mobile usage accounted for 16.2% of all traffic, compared with 52.2% in 2019. Over the past 7 years, time spent connected on a desktop, has predictably declined. In contrast, the amount of time spent on a mobile device has soared.

Back in 2013, people on average spent 144 minutes per day using desktop devices. Compare this with just 88 minutes per day on a mobile device.
By 2019, this completely turn on its head and then some! Now, mobile users were spending 203 minutes per day using media on their mobile devices. Mobile users are now spending 37% more time on their mobiles than on a desktop device.

So why is this? Why are people choosing to spend more time on their phones?

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile Devices


• More portable and easier to carry around
• Easier to use on the go due to smaller size
• Use of apps


• Smaller screen
• Less bandwidth
• Less precision when selecting and clicking links

Desktop Devices


• Bigger Screen
• Better memory
• Longer battery life


• Not very portable
• Can be noisy
• Need access to internet connection

Why are mobiles so popular?

The reason why mobiles are one of the most popular ways to access the net are that the possibilities are seemingly endless. Not only can you send messages and emails make calls, email and take photographs, you can also download a never ending list of apps from online banking to online shopping, from playing games to using Google maps to help navigate and many more.

One noticeable trend in relation to increased usage of mobile devices is more and more people are gambling using mobile phones than ever before. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) stated that more people are now using their mobile phones as it makes gambling more accessible and means that you can gamble on the go wherever you are.

Due to the rapid development in mobile technology over recent years, new gambling apps and sites are continuously been released. Due to stiff competition from different gambling companies, new apps are designed to make it easier for customers to gamble on the go on their phones. In places such as Japan where gambling is illegal, potential customers are searching Japanese casinos for smartphones which only advertise online casinos that are operated in a legal country.

In conclusion, using mobile phones has drastically increased in popularity over the past decade largely down to the easy accessibility of social media, gaming and gambling. People often use apps to pass the time when they are bored or whilst enduring a long commute. In today’s society you hardly ever walk down the street and see someone who isn’t engrossed in flicking through their phone.