Details Emerge on AMD’s Dual GPU Hawaii Graphics Card

The guys over at BueweenPC have some details on AMD’s upcoming Dual GPU Hawaii graphics card. According to their story AMD was showing a reference model of the card behind closed doors at CeBIT. Only a few people really got a chance to see it.


The first details that we know are that the card will be called the Radeon R9 295X2, not the Radeon R9 290X2 as we first thought. AMD has pushed out a few 2×5 entry level cards so the naming here makes sense. Also you have to remember the GeForce GTX 295, which was a dual-GPU card as well.

The official slides that were shown to BueweenPC say that the card will be clocked at 1 GHz. This makes us wonder if the card is even a fully-fledged Hawaii-based card or not.

The AMD R9 295X2 will come with a hybrid cooling solution. The cooler in question would be equipped with a 120 mm radiator / fan much like ASUS ARES II (shown below). Two AMD partners have confirmed that the sample shown at CeBIT was a reference model.


The card is expected to compete directly against NVIDIA’s dual GPU GeForce GTX 790. We should expect both of these cards to launch very soon. AIB partners were briefed on the cards this week so expect non-reference models to popup as well.

Source: BueweenPC | News Archive

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