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ASRock Debuts Two New USB 3.1 Motherboards at CeBIT

The global leading motherboard brand ASRock will be debuting the latest SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 motherboards at CeBIT 2015 Hall 15 Booth D21. With the USB 3.1 specification announced last summer, USB 3.1 featured devices will definitely be in the spotlight at CeBIT 2015.

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ASRock’s Z87 Mini-ITX Gaming System

Last week at CeBIT we saw many different companies show off Intel Haswell Z87 motherboards, <a href="" target="_blank">ASRock included</a>. ASRock also had something else pretty special to show at their booth, A custom Z87 mini-ITX gaming system. ASRock is actually pretty well knows for their mini PC's, we have reviewed a few over the past couple of years. The system is made up of a few main parts. First the motherboard which is ASRock's Z87-E ITX. Then you have a custom small form factor case that was co-designed by BMW DesignWorks USA.

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MSI’s New Z77 Gaming Motherboards at CeBIT

While we had news of <a href="">MSI's Z87A Gaming Motherboard prototype</a> yesterday, today we see that they have released an all new gaming motherboard line with three Intel Z77 motherboards. All of the boards feature network chips from KillerNIC, which of course will ensure lower ping times during games. They are feature a gaming color scheme, which seems to me a metallic red and black. These new boards are to be positioned with their current lineup of Z77 motherboards, but expect a higher price point.

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ASRock Shows Two Haswell Motherboards at CeBIT

Gigabyte <a href="" target="_blank">showed quite a few Z87 motherboards</a> at CeBIT already and now it is ASRock's turn. ASRock is showing two Haswell-ready LGA 1150 motherboards at CeBIT. The first is based off the Z87 chipset and is the Z87-Extreme6. The second is based off the B85 chipset and is simply called B85M.

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Gigabyte shows off Z87 Motherboards at CeBIT

At a private meeting held during CeBIT Gigabyte disclosed their upcoming Z87 motherboards. The motherboards start off the the flagship board which is the Z87X-OC, followed by the Z87X-UD5H, Z87X-UD3H and finally the Z87X-D3H. Like most of the socket LGA1150 motherboards being shown this week these boards are still under development. Gigabyte has still yet to finalize the the heatsinks and other features on some of the boards.

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White Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Mac Edition at CeBIT

We are not at CeBIT this year, but we are picking up some of the news. One of the more interesting things we have seen is a white Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Mac Edition. Of course that means this card is aimed at Apple's Mac systems and Mac gamers. Apple already offers the Radeon HD 5870 or HD 5770 CrossFire on their Mac Pro. Besides the white design this card is still pretty much a reference design with a 800 MHz clock speed and 3GB of GDDR5.

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OCZ to Unveil Upcoming ZD-XL Accelerator Optimized for SQL Server Database Applications

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced that it will preview a variety of enterprise storage solutions at next week’s CeBIT 2013 conference in Hannover, Germany. As a renowned global forum, CeBIT represents a great opportunity for attendees to be the first to see and experience the latest innovations in solid-state storage from an industry leader in enterprise SSDs, virtualization, and caching software.

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