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MSI’s New Z77 Gaming Motherboards at CeBIT

While we had news of MSI’s Z87A Gaming Motherboard prototype yesterday, today we see that they have released an all new gaming motherboard line with three Intel Z77 motherboards. All of the boards feature network chips from KillerNIC, which of course will ensure lower ping times during games. They are feature a gaming color scheme, which seems to me a metallic red and black. These new boards are to be positioned with their current lineup of Z77 motherboards, but expect a higher price point.

Z77A-GD65 Gaming

This is the flagship board. It features three PCIe x16 slots, four PCIe x1 slots, four DDR3 slots, Sound Blaster Cinema 7.1 audio and OC Genie II one touch overclocking. It features large passively cooled heatsinks on the VRM.

Z77A-G45 Gaming

The board is a step down from the Z77A-GD65 and features two PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots, a PCe 2.0 x 16 and four PCIe x1 slots. Along with that you also have four DDR3 slots, Sound Blaster Cinema 7.1 audio and OC Genie II one touch overclocking. It does support both CrossFireX and SLI configurations.

Z77A-G43 Gaming

The final board is the Z77A-G43 Gaming. This board has two PCIe x16 slots, two PCIe x1 slots and three legacy PCI slots. Besides that it has pretty much the same features as the G45 Gaming board, although it is not SLI certified.

No word yet on pricing on availability, but I would expect MSI to rush these out with Haswell boards coming in a few months.

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