DICE is Ready for the Battlefield 4 Launch

For the enthusiasts, the Battlefield 4 is only a week away from being launched and with no exaggeration; we have a huge audience anticipating it. According to the sources, DICE is quite contended with the launch and claims that Battlefield 4 would merely be the smoothest and finest of all the launches in Battlefield contract. This new addition can probably turn out to be the biggest game for DICE up till now.

Battlefield 4

The game will be launching in a week’s time by EA, and if everything is handled cleverly by DICE this game may become the most demanded battlefield game ever created with record breaking sales. One of the battle field game rivals: Call of Duty is something which cannot be taken lightly since it has always earned better fan following than any other game. Bugs and hold ups has always been an issue of these Fps creators, however DICE is all geared up to face any sort of initial problems and consumers criticism on it.

With the releasing of Battlefield Beta version first, was a great help to DICE as in to fix the before-release bug problems. They already knew the game would be too buggy if not tested with the players before. DICE was quite prepared to expect these bugs well before hand.

One of the executives from EA mentioned that they have been working quite hard and have changed a number of things in the game which can only be experienced when one is playing it. Benefits will surely be noticeable. Adding up here, he also mentioned that the way they have reached to these results, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

Source: OXM | News Archive