Do Online Casinos Use Artificial Intelligence?

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded over the past couple of years. From OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s AI chatbot Bard, and Microsoft Azure, the biggest firms in the world are investing big in the next technological frontier of AI. Online casinos are not different, with gambling sites across the world looking to invest into AI to improve their websites. With online casinos becoming more popular than ever, AI is seen as a way that companies in the online gambling space can get ahead of their competitors. This article will consider how online casinos are currently using AI, and how this could potentially develop in the future with the rapid expansion of AI tools.

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One of the primary ways that AI is currently utilised by online casinos is to personalise the ‘casino experience’ for customers. By tracking player behaviour and patterns, AI can determine what potentially keeps a player on their site. This can help online casinos increase the likelihood that consumers stay on their sites for longer and more frequently. This is frequently done with game recommendations within online casinos, if you navigate to one of the many casinos here, you can see that depending on which casino you visit, the game recommendations will change. For example, if a player primarily plays a specific type of Roulette or Blackjack, using an AI algorithm online casino can recommend similar types of games in the hopes of keeping players engaged on their site. This also allows online casinos to push promotional offers to customers based on the consumer’s behavioural patterns observed. AI also allows online casinos to personalise smaller aspects of games such as audio settings and game speed to maximise user satisfaction.

Given how heavily these features are used in online gambling, it’s evident that personalisation is a vital way in which AI tools can be used to increase consumer satisfaction and boost engagement on their site. With the rapid development of AI, online casinos are only looking to further boost the personalisation offered on their site. For example, in more recent years there has been a huge uptick in the use of voice recognition within online casinos. Voice recognition, or Natural Language Processing, hugely increases the accessibility of online casino sites to consumers. Voice controls can be used by consumers to increase the efficiency of tasks such as checking your bank balance or making bets. Voice recognition can also be used to increase the speed and efficiency of 24/7 online chatbots, with AI providing an automatic personalised response to each consumer’s issue. Therefore, in this regard AI’s use in personalisation will only increase in the coming months and years in online casinos.

Another key way in which AI tools are currently utilised by online casinos is for fraud detection on accounts. Some customers may try to ‘cheat the system’ on online gambling sites, finding specific loopholes to manipulate the algorithm to their advantage. However, increasingly online casinos are using AI tools to help detect and prevent this kind of fraud. Specific behavioural patterns, such as odd betting behavioural or peculiar purchases on an account, can be detected using machine learning tools. For example, ‘bonus abuse’ is one of the most common forms of fraud on online casino sites. Bonus abuse is when a person or machine will sign up with a huge number of different accounts, gaining a huge number of sign-up bonuses. This allows the player to receive the bonus, play through the minimum requirements of the game, and then cash out the money. AI tools can be used here to help detect these patterns and block potential fraudulent accounts.

Having robust site security is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful online casino. All casino sites use basic forms of AI to protect their site, even if they don’t know it. SSL encryption means that consumers can never see other users’ data when using the site and is used on all sites to help protect the site’s data from hackers. Therefore, this means that all online casinos benefit from AI by simply existing.

AI tools can also be used to create predictive models of what certain types of behaviours are associated with the fraudulent activity that may harm consumers. This is key for scams such as identity theft or money laundering, where it may be nearly impossible for sites to look at each case. AI tools can build robust defence systems against these scams, further protecting users’ information. Therefore, AI tools are currently vital to detecting and blocking fraud on online casino sites that could harm consumers and will only continue to become more central in future years.