Do WiFi Routers Work Without a Connection to the PC?

In this article, you’ll discover how to establish a Wi-Fi router even without a PC in 7 easy and simple points. Read on to know how and thank us later!

It looks like everybody keeps a wireless router in today’s times, and for a good purpose. It’s quick, simple to maintain and it is protected with WPA2 encryption. Also when you don’t keep internet service at your house it can nonetheless be utilized as an intersection for other gadgets such as smart TVs and gaming consoles. Getting these devices ready may not have to be impossible but it requires a little know-how of the procedure for you to not come out in a continual circle of frustration attempting to make it happen and it just won’t function!

Don’t possess a computer however like to establish a wireless connection at your house? Don’t fear, you may still configure the Wi-Fi router without much commotion. The gimmick is to possess a smartphone or a tablet – either iOS or Android. When you possess that, you may set up the Wi-Fi router quickly. Pursue the measures in this article to enable setting up the router.

Employing a computer to establish a wireless router is though preferable to wielding a mobile phone. Mobile devices are partially competent in fulfilling the objectives of a computer, but still, amass limitations when pertained to some desktop and laptop models. Nevertheless, prepping and installing a router even without a PC is still achievable. Even though aspects are shifting and people are being more satisfied with employing only tablets and smartphones to go online, it’s unusual to find somebody without a PC.

There are two items you may be wielding, a smart gadget and a system discovery application. Before you begin with the real setup process, you must ensure that these include what the entire installation process needs.

Firstly, you want a tablet or a smartphone. It’s not crucial if it is an outdated model or relatively new. What you want here is a gadget to activate the entire setup. It will function as a PC anyway.

Is the gadget fully charged? When it is, you don’t need the plugin. When it’s not plugged in and it is 70% charged, you must plug it into a power source so that the phone doesn’t close when you will be in the setup process.

The second is a system discovery application. Ideally, you don’t need this application if everything goes well. Nevertheless, there are times when you face some situations in setup. The part of a system discovery application is to distinguish the IP address of the Wi-Fi router. Yes, you may do it by glancing at the sticker on the router, however, the system discovery application is free regardless so there should be no risk in retaining it to be a backup.

Points to Set Up The Wi-Fi Router

Are you having everything you want? If so, here is how you may set up the Wi-Fi router even without a PC.

  • Turn on your router. Give it a little while to boot fully. This may take 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi in the smartphone. When there is no Wi-Fi also, that is how you must connect it to a fresh wireless access juncture.
  • Your tablet or smartphone will automatically distinguish your router, precisely, its network ID or SSID. You will notice your router’s SSID or name. Log in to the router with the help of the credentials given by your router. When you don’t remember the password, you may search the posterior of your router as it’s usually there. When it’s not there, it’s inclined to be in the manual. Put in the default password.
  • Now, open the browser. You’re yet not connected and that’s ok. Key in the IP address of the router in the address bar. If you don’t know the IP address of the router? Just check the back of the router for this information. When it’s not available, this is when the system discovery application will be helpful.
  • To wield the system discovery application, switch on and it would automatically recognize the IP address of the router. The IP address may always be beside the router’s SSID. Remember, that IP address is always in the pattern of or or, and
  • When you know the router’s IP address, then go back to the browser and key in this in the address bar and you would be instructed to a unique website and here you may be expected to key in the router’s credentials. It is identical to what was done on your tablet or smartphone. Remember that you must use the default username and default password.
  • After this, you are logged on to the router and you may remake the WiFi password and SSID.
  • What about when you possess an iOS gadget? The fact is the points are exact if you are wielding an iOS device or an Android device. Just pursue the same points and you will be good.

Good To Know Tips

  • You may use the exact setup method to connect art tv to the router’s setting.
  • You may utilize an ethernet wire connected to the smart home gadgets and do the same procedure through the gadget’s browser to get connected to the wifi hotspot.
  • Perpetually note the details on a paper. Make only one modification at one time so that you realize when things go awry and may revert to them pretty quickly.
  • Every router is different and none of the two factories’ routers can have the exact setup menu.
  • In all cases, the router’s IP address would be on the logo printed plainly and in the user handbook also.
  • Take additional care and scan the system discovery application installed for malicious schemes or exposures. Use the two applications proposed as they work without any problems. Other simple applications either have restricted capabilities in comparison to FING and EZ or are perforated with a disgusting number of advertisements.
  • The above points work on both iOS and Android devices equally fine.

Have pleasure connecting things wirelessly at home and look as everybody comes over expecting to learn what’s improved about your home!

In all earnestness, prepping a router may be a tough chore, however with the relevant information and just a few taps and clicks, you may have an internet connection up in no duration. We expect our article has made stuff a little simpler for you.


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