League of Legends Gear: What Are Top eSports Athletes Recommending?

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Can League of Legends Gear Make You A Pro?

How many times did you feel like you could measure up to the best LoL players, if only you could have better gear? Investing in the right equipment plays a critical role in every gamers experience. We could say there are three main gaming tools every player should have. The top eSports athletes pay special attention to their mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard. Each part of the equipment has its role in developing the most quality gaming experience. As such, we’ll dive into what League of Legends gear top eSport athletes recommend.

Gear Importance In Competitive Gaming

You’ve probably noticed how professional athletes pay special attention to their sports gear. You’ll see professional footballers and basketball players selecting their footwear carefully: tennis players emphasize the importance of their rackets; baseball players cherish their bats, etc. Similarly, professional eSports players consider their equipment just as crucial for their gameplay.

When you give it a thought, It is only natural to make sure you have the perfect gaming environment. For instance, picture two players or teams facing each other head-to-head. Suppose they have similar skills and knowledge. What’s going to make the difference? Although a lack of concentration can provide a short-term advantage, proper gear is what makes a difference in the long run.

No matter how fast you can respond to in-game challenges, your gear is supposed to stay in lockstep with you and execute your orders in a split second. Moreover, while the game is on, it is essential to make sure you’re feeling relaxed (at least physically) and comfortable, which you can have only with the proper equipment.

What Is The Best League Of Legends Gear?

Considering all of the above, if you’re looking to become a professional LoL player, or at least as close as possible, you should pay special attention to the equipment besides improving your knowledge. That way, you can focus solely on building your skills in a professional and comfortable environment. Hence, let’s take a look at the essential LoL gear professional eSports athletes highly recommend.


When it comes to this small but effective tool, there are several vital points each player must consider. A mouse is a part of the technical gear that can provide you with both comfort and fast response time.

Alex Walker at Kotaku once spoke about the vital role the mouse plays in his gameplay. The player, naturally, approached the issue from his angle, pointing out several critical points. Hence, Alex said all players should find a compromise between their hands’ size and mouse ergonomy. In other words, this part of the gear should have an appropriate shape and fit the way you like to hold your hand.

League of Legends gear should provide players with fewer response times. Jennings mentioned players should focus their attention on finding a mouse with fast, clicky, and shallow buttons, thus recommending more prominent brands with a reasonable price. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most renowned gaming hardware providers regularly launch new equipment, mouse included.


Whatever you may believe, this is a critical part of the LoL gear set. We can consider a mouse pad a perfect messenger. However, this is one message carrier we don’t want to shoot. On the contrary, this one, every League of Legends player, cherishes. In essence, the mouse pad’s main job is transmitting accurate and reliable information from the mouse to the game itself. Hence, professional LoL players find the mouse pad as a critical part of their gameplay. Therefore, if you carefully observe eSports professionals during tournaments, you can see they’re using sponsored gamepads. However, those who aren’t using different mouse pads, as follows:

  • KaSing – SteelSeries QcK + Gaming Mouse Pad,
  • CuVee – Corsair MM300 Team Dignitas Edition,
  • Bjergsen – Logitech G640 Mouse Pad,
  • KurO – Razer Goliathus Speed,
  • xPeke – Using its brand Origen Mouse Pad.

Although necessary, this part of the gear shouldn’t be too expensive. You can find quality mousepads for $18 and above.


Most players, if not all, would agree the keyboard is a vital part of every League of Legends gear setup. LoL is a specific game where you need to be as quick as possible, with a 100% concentration the entire time. Hence, your chances in the game will become significantly higher if every button does its job.

If you look at the best League of Legends players’ equipment, you’ll see several keyboards dominate the game, while most of them are mechanical. For instance, although the Cloud 9 team prefers to use different computers, their keyboards are the same: Logitech G710+. On the other hand, Stixxay, a Counter Logic Gaming team member, prefers to use Razer Black Widow Chroma.

Does Proper LoL Gear Guarantee Success?

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Regardless, proper eSports gear can make you a better player. However, equipment doesn’t guarantee success. There’s a lot of side factors that will affect the result.

Final Thoughts

There are three main aspects every player should consider if they want to become a professional eSports athlete. The first one is talent. However, this is not something you can affect much. In other words, either you have it or not. Hard work and skill-building comes second. Luckily, that’s something every player should improve.

Last but not least, proper equipment makes every player much better. Hence, if you’re looking to become a successful LoL player, make sure you have a comfortable gaming environment. Therefore, look at the lines above and choose the suitable League of Legends gear and enhance your results.