Top 11 Undemanding PC Games for 2021 & 2022

A full-spec and newly upgraded PC can make a severe dent in your pocket in this day and age. There are few, if any, that come ready to go right out of the box, and if they do, upgrades are needed almost immediately.

Some people want to play some games but don’t want to spring for the best PC to play the most demanding games on the market. If you want to have fun and experience immersive games to play without the PC upgrades, these are the games for you.

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Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a role-playing game that sees you take the role of an amnesiac detective tasked with solving a murder mystery. The story is played out against a backdrop of a dystopian city recovering from a war that happened decades before.

Disco Elysium has no combat. Instead, you use skill and dialogue trees to progress. There are multiple options across both, with your skills being everything from perception to your pain threshold. The game has received 90%+ ratings since its release due to both the unique style of play and the incredibly interesting and immersive story.


Minecraft is an absolute classic of the low-spec game genre and has been one of the most popular and well-loved games for years now. The game is simple, you explore, mine, and create in a vast world filled with animals and creatures.

Where Minecraft always shines is how much you can build in-game. You can start with a simple house, such as a treehouse, and make something more extensive like a castle or a whole city. If you don’t want to build anything yourself, you can simply explore other people’s worlds, such as Middle Earth, by copying a code.


Celeste is a platform adventure game that sees you take on the role of Madeline, who attempts to reach the summit of Mount Celeste. On her journey, she is faced with obstacles and also has to overcome the difficulties of her life and past.

Celeste was widely regarded as one of the best games released in 2018. The game was praised for its graphics, feel, and emotional and engaging story. While the game sounds simple, the story is anything but.


Cuphead is a one or two-player game that sees you taking control of one of the main characters. This side-scrolling platformer makes you defeat enemies and dodge obstacles, with each level ending in a boss fight.

Cuphead has been widely praised for its old-school-style graphics, with the game looking exactly like a 1940s style cartoon. It is regarded as one of the best Indie games of the past few years and even spawned a TV show on the back of its success.

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Undertale is a 2D-platform game that sees you take control of a young child who has fallen into the Underground, a large region just under the surface of the Earth. Your task is to make your way through the Underground and escape.

You meet monsters that you have to defeat along the way, and strangers who will help you. There are also many actions and dialogue options, meaning you don’t always have to fight or escape. The game is clean and straightforward but with a story that you won’t want to end.

Among Us

Among Us exploded onto the scene thanks to many Twitch streamers playing the game non-stop for a few weeks. The game sees you play the role of a crew member or a crew member/killer. As a crew member, you must identify and vote off the killers, and as the killer, you just mustn’t get caught.

Considering you have to lie, manipulate, and trick people into achieving your goals, the game’s social aspect makes Among Us so much fun. You can also play with a group of friends or log in and try to trick some strangers.


Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game, similar to Minecraft, where you have to explore, mine, farm, and build. There are also enemies that you will need to protect yourself against and defeat while on your journey.

It is a two-dimensional version of Minecraft, but with a twist. The unique look and feel of the game mean it has been widely praised ever since its release and it is still seen as one of the best sandbox games you can play.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that allows you to play the role of a character that explores, fights, and discovers treasure. The open-world you play in is massive, and you can join other players on missions or explore dungeons and defeat enemies.

The game has become the gold standard for MMORPGs, and the fact that the game is so vast and detailed yet is playable on most systems has added to its popularity and has expanded its player base year on year.

Portal 2

Portal and Portal 2 are puzzle games where the player has to use portals to solve puzzles. These puzzles range from just getting to the other side of a door and unlocking it, to placing multiple outlets that allow light to travel through, bouncing off walls, and hitting specific targets.

The futuristic setting is very clean and straightforward. The game is also far more than just puzzles, with the story keeping you glued to your seat from the moment you start playing.

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Stardew Valle

Stardew Valley is a 2D game in the same style as early Pokemon games that sees you take on the role of the grandson of a deceased farmer. You inherit his dilapidated farm and bring it back to its former glory by farming, building, mining, and trading.

There is no end to Stardew Valley, as you can go on to get married and raise children, and you can continue to farm and grow your business. There are also the online features, which add an Animal Crossing style vibe to the title.

As you can tell, several world-class games aren’t demanding on your system. They have depth, engaging stories, action, and are in every case, completely unforgettable.