Australian Online Gambling Market Demonstrated 67% Rise During COVID-19

According to the official data provided by the analytics consultancy AlphaBeta, online gambling in Australia has reached its top after the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth was estimated at 67%. The figures reported by AlphaBeta are based on transactions of 250,000 Australian consumers. They prove the fact that the online gambling sector is one of the biggest winners of the shutdown. This is especially the case when it comes to such resources as “OnlineCasinoAussie”. Nearby, you can find only food delivery with 63% growth and online retail with 61% growth.

At Safe Casino Online Australia, you can also check the list of online casinos which happen to expand their services. According to Dr Charles Livingstone, a gambling expert, the rise became the result of new gamblers trying their luck online during hard times. If that’s maintained within the next few years, the expenditure volume may reach $2 billion. In this context, psychosocial stress is a striking aspect that leads to a gambling habit and a gambling addiction. It’s hard to imagine a more challenging situation than a pandemic. In fact, gambling stress makes around 400 Australians commit suicide every year. This number was provided by Australia’s Productivity Commission. Should we blame devices that are “built for addiction and release of dopamine? Is it something that hits your brain with the force of drugs? This is a rhetoric question that remains unanswered for years.

Whether or not the statistics prompt Australia’s authorities to revisit online gaming policies – which allows sports betting but bans the provision of online casinos or poker to Australian citizens and residents – is about to be seen.

If the rationale for licensing and regulating bricks is to reduce harm from such activities, the question about the same of the same mechanism in online casinos needs to be asked. Thus, it appears that current bans have limited real-world effects.

Growing Addiction

Gambling in Australia has always been the equivalent of using guns in America. You ask why? The gambling industry has affected politics really in the way the National Rifle Association does in America. It’s hard to deny the truth.

Such resources as AussieOnlineCasino find it easier and easier to survive on the market due to the growing demand. And the situation is not about to change. In fact, the pandemic has made the growth even more drastic.

Australia now has almost 20% of the world’s poker machines, also called “pokies”. Thus, the country has more slot machines per person than almost any other country. In total, the number often reaches nearly 200,000 items.

In Western Australia, they rely on a single casino, but they are common elsewhere. When it comes to gambling, the process can be compared to a zone where their problems simply dematerialize. As a result, people feel their anxiety to get neutralized.

Despite various accusations, a lot of gambling organizations have donated millions of dollars to the fight against COVID-19. Just check out Agnes Nairn’s statement. She confirmed funding from GambleAware as part of the arrangement based on voluntary donations from the AU gambling sector. It means that COVID-19 has always been taken seriously by different business sectors. The gambling sector doesn’t make an exception here.

In the future, we seem to see further growth in the gambling industry in Australia. Just take a look at Jackpot Jill Casino with no deposit bonus codes. Local players are surely ready for long-term adventures.