Dolby Announces Xbox Series X/S As First Consoles To Support Dolby Vision And Dolby Atmos

Due to the advancement in the technology, many AAA studios have started to include HDR lighting in their games. Despite the use of technology in gaming for many years, it has been deprived of the latest innovation in technology but today Dolby has announced that its Dolby Vision HDR Technology will be a part of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, other platforms to follow.

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Dolby Vision is a High Dynamic Range format which competes with HDR10+ and HLG. Majority of present-day TV displays feature one of these HDR formats. Like other forms of HDR, Dolby helps to display a higher number of colours with greater intensity, but it requires a set of more demanding specifications.

Even if your TV supports Dolby Vision, the colours your console produced were an HDR10 signal on supported software. Today’s announcement from Dolby says that Xbox consoles are the fist hardware to utilise HDR standard. The Dolby Vision is both for gaming and Netflix and will be available in 2021.

Upon the purchase of Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you will get instant access to Dolby Atmos, and the one-time fees will be carried over if you use the same profile from Xbox One Consoles. In case you do not have Dolby Atmos then you can download the free Dolby Access app which will give you a free trial before you opt to purchase a license fee of $14.99.

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The scheduled update for 2021 will provide Dolby Vision for Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Dolby Vision can also be expected on PS5, and other platforms as Dolby has informed that it will launch on Xbox Consoles first but not exclusively. Netflix app on Xbox One is available if you want to check how your TV deals with the Dolby Vision.

Via Dolby